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Welcome to the lambda of milk and honey! We're a single stakepool operator that believes in Cardano and decentralisation.

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We are offering bonus rewards to all delegates to help share the benefits of IOG delegation! Visit our Bonus Rewards FAQ page to see more or join us on Telegram to find out more!

Our primary mission is first to give back to our delegates. Currently we do this through a bonus reward programme, which we pay Epochly. Secondly we support Bear and Bee related charities!

We are proud admins of the Cardano Single Pool Alliance and members of the F2LB Initiative and the xSPO Alliance.

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We'd love you to delegate to us! Look for the #HONEY ticker or follow our guide on How to Stake


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The pool is professionally maintained running on bare metal with fallback internet connection and a backup power supply. It is running on dedicated hardware designed to be both scalable and have low energy consumption.


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